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Smiles and High Fives!

In the end, it is about getting results and making a success of what you do. We believe that the first and foremost component in any activity is human capital. That’s why we believe that doing business is a human to human experience, rather than a business to business or business to consumer approach. We believe in smiles and high fives. We believe in a personal approach. In the accomplishment being the biggest reward.

Corporate Bullshit

Our background

Our background is in design, marketing, sales, communication. It is in strategic planning and conceptual design. During our many years of helping companies make corporate identity changes, running events and exhibitions, creating visuals, press releases, advertisements and other marketing related materials, we have seen how companies talk a lot about markets and less about customers. We have seen the many different systems and processes to capture KPI’s, market information and customer data. And we also noticed the huge gap between brand promise and customer expectation.

Practical and personal

Our drive comes from our passion to train and explain. To be a change agent, that functions as a catalyst for improvement. We have created a method to put the customer back into the center of running a business. We have made it as practical and personal as possible. Our approach is one where we come in for a quick intervision without having to change an organization. And when we leave, we have empowered a business owner to face the daily challenges in an easier way. Essentially, our drive is the notion of being part of something bigger, something that gets you excited, something that you are proud of and that makes you smile.

  • Jan van der Spoel Co-Founder

    An alumnus of the Design Academy Eindhoven, with degrees in marketing communication and graphic design, Jan has been an art director, graphic designer and creative director. In these roles, Jan has developed campaigns and marketing concepts for local and global brands. Driven by an interest in human behavior, Jan pragmatically approaches projects with people as the starting point.

  • Roland Biemans Founder

    Colleagues and customers describe Roland as a people-person. Enthusiastic and pragmatic. Always with stories to tell. With a vast experience in marketing communication and an eye for detail. A change agent that values teamwork and a personal approach.

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