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Workshops and Masterclasses – C-Suite and Team Sessions

Every company is different. And so are the people that run them. Our clients often share similar challenges, but, obviously, have very different needs and wants. If there is one thing that we see on a daily basis, is that our methodology can be applied in almost all cases, but that the approach can be very different. We have therefor developed 3 standard modules, but can tailor our activities to your needs. The below overview serves as a guideline. During a MotivationMatch conversation, we will establish whether it makes sense to work with you and, if so, how we can best go about it.

Persona Academy based Training Sessions

Explain & Train

Our workshops are a balanced mix of training and explanation, while having participants also work on insights and their own business development, customer understanding and, most importantly, personae creation. We explain what the benefits are of using the MotivationScanner and True Personas. At the end of a workshop, participants will have a thorough understanding of their “soul purpose” as well as the drivers and motivators of their customer.

  • 4 Hours
  • Explain & Train

Content of the workshop

  • Company Maslow
  • Product/Market Combination
  • 6x Zoom Method (Market to Customer)
  • Customer Profile
  • The Kiwi Model
  • The MotivationScanner
  • Customer Understanding
  • Business Development
Executive Training

Similar to the workshops, we offer masterclasses that detail the benefits of using the MotivationScanner. A masterclass further includes topics such as ‘The Reign of the Brain”, neuro-marketing, behavioral psychology, leadership voice and how to become a “human to human” business.

  • 4-6 Hours
  • Executive Training

Content of the masterclass

  • Reign of the Brain
  • Persona Principle
  • Company Maslow
  • Customer Profile
  • True Persona
  • Neuro-Marketing Introduction
  • Human to Human Business
  • Kiwi Model
  • MotivationScanner
General Introduction

An introduction to our methodology and about what inspired us to come to our approach. In our presentations, we go into the details of neuro-marketing, brain functions, our Kiwi model with the explanation of instinctive, intuitive and cognitive systems; we speak about the benefits of putting the customer central in business development and we connect the dots between human behavior, customer understanding and company dynamics.

  • 30-60 Minutes
  • General Introduction

Content of the presentation

  • Reign of the Brain
  • Persona Principle
  • Who are You?
  • Who is your Customer

Yiist – Change Agents MotivationScan Sessions

Board Session
Condensed Pressure Cooker Session

Our intervision sessions focus on two main programs: one for the owner and/or board of a company, the other is designed for the core executive team. The Board Session is a pressure cooker, all in one day approach. It does not include the visualization or validation processes, but it has a focus on the company DNA and the translation from customer understanding to the insights for business development. If and when needed, the Team Session can follow for an on-boarding process.

  • 3/4 to 1 Day
  • Owner / CEO / Board

Content of the Board Session

  • Company Maslow
  • Customer Profile
  • MotivationScan
  • Awesome Insights
Team Session
Company Intervision Session

The team session largely covers the same topics as the board session and in addition offers all visualisations and enrichment for the eventual “on-boarding” of the team. In a couple sessions across separate days, we will work with the team to go through all the steps of our method.

  • 3 to 5 Days
  • Recommended intervision session

Content of the Team Session

  • Company Maslow
  • Product/Market Combination
  • Customer Profile
  • 6x Zoom
  • Persona
  • MotivationScan
  • Awesome Insights
  • True Persona
  • Smart Shift
  • On-Boarding
  • Enrichment
  • Validation
Options and Add-ons

Besides the MotivationScan sessions, we offer further validation and enrichment modules that allow for a full service assistance. It includes everything needed to validate assumptions on customer profiles, visualisations for in-company training and guidelines for company alignment, business development, marketing communications and customer experience.

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