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Workshop “Customer Understanding”

Do you speak the same language as your clients?

Do they comprehend your rational arguments?

What is your customer’s (unconscious) motivation?

The Persona Academy workshop model uses personas to map the different characteristics of your customer in order to get a better understanding of their motivation to do business with you. A persona is a detailed description of an exemplary customer representing a specific target audience. The better you understand what your customer really wants, the better you can anticipate on their behavior.

With the persona principle, ‘customer understanding’ will become an obvious priority in many processes within your organization. Learning how to use personas effectively is only one workshop away.

What will you learn?

  • You will learn how to benefit from ‘customer understanding’

  • You will learn how to create personas that match with your company

  • You will learn to understand your customers and their needs

  • You will learn how you can improve your products and services on the basis of customer insights

  • You will learn how to anticipate customer needs at an early stage

  • You will learn how to give direction to your business based on valuable insights

Workshop Details

12:45 – Welcome with coffee and tea

13:00 – Start Workshop

Theory Part 1 – Introduction

– Explanation of the various persona theories and how they connect to existing management and marketing methods.

Exercise 1 – Business focus and market selection

In this exercise you get started with the activities of your company by ranking them according to the logic of Maslow’s pyramid. It will reveal your company DNA, or Soul Purpose, and shows you how you can benefit from your vision, ambition and motivation. Product market combinations and business strategy get affirmed and it will also give you a clear picture of your customers, employees and competitors.

Pause / Coffee Break

Theory Part 2 – Model and Method

– Explanation of the Kiwi Model
– Explanation of the 6x Zoom Method

Exercise 2 – From market to human

Markets do not buy products and markets do not enjoy your services: human beings do. The 6x Zoom method takes you from a general market description to an actual buyer. You will zoom in until you uncover the human being that is your customer. From branch to business, via function and role, to a person and their characteristics. We will give that customer a face and a name, because; the better you recognize your customer as a person, the better you can anticipate their needs and desires.

Theory Part 3 – Elaboration and follow-up

– Studies, enrichment and validations.
– Explanation of the Motivation Scanner and the True Persona.

16: 45-17: 15 – Closing – Drinks and Conversations (with exercise)

Do you know my client?

At the end of the workshop, we close with a networking conversation, while enjoying drinks. Now that each participant has a clear view on their business and customer, we can explore whether we know someone in our network that meets the characteristics of the persona of others. You may as well go home not only with lots of insights, but also with some hot leads!

Yiist Handbook Maslow
Yiist Handbook 6x Zoom

The workshop Customer Understanding takes about 4 hours. It takes place at a centrally located, convenient and inspiring location with easy access. Typically, we schedule a workshop between 13:00 and 17:00. Whenever possible, we arrange the possibility to have a small lunch prior to the workshop.

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